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Leaders of the Crowd

Researching the origins of the JOBS Act, Dr. Adam Gower conducted a series of conversations with the people who lobbied for and wrote the laws that became the Act.  What he discovered was that at no time had anyone thought that the real estate industry was a relevant constituency.  Perplexed by this disconnect between what had been intended and what had happened, he talked to those who had been the very first real estate people to utilize the JOBS Act.  These pioneers, all moving on parallel tracks, seeded the biggest, most transformational change to the real estate industry in history.

Leaders of the Crowd uncovers these conversations with the people who created the laws and those who connected the dots to real estate.  It weaves a thread through the labyrinthine processes of government, chronicling how the Act was conceived, formed, and ultimately signed into law, and it reveals how the visionaries who have revolutionized real estate capital formation embarked on their missions to change their industry forever.

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The original recordings of the conversations Adam Gower had with the Leaders of the Crowd, PLUS the introduction to the book read by the author himself.

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Introduction - Read by the Author

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