LinkedIn Best Practices

Optimizing Your Online Presence

Introduction: Why You Need to be on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is free online digital 'real estate. Find out why it is an important component of your online arsenal in this video.

Build and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Follow These Three Steps to Capitalize on This Powerful Resource

Step 1: Settings

In this section you will:

  • Build your profile's foundation
  • Maximize your online visibility
  • Customize your profile URL
  • Refine your privacy settings

Step 2: Profile

Learn how to:

  • Define your headline
  • Install photograph & banner
  • Write profile summary
  • Provide value to prospects

Step 3: Advanced

Go to the next level by:

  • Employing daily habits
  • Expanding your network
  • Incorporating automation
  • Becoming an industry influencer

Download Cheatsheets

LinkedIn – Profile Setup

Download template

The following checklist are some key things to look out for as you set up your LinkedIn

LinkedIn – Ongoing Best Practices

Download template

The following is a list of ongoing activity that you can engage in that will boost your effectiveness to make full use of the functionality and advantages of LinkedIn.


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